We get it

CeloPay was developed by leading technology and hospitality professionals that thoroughly understand the balance between compliance and convenience.  We put a tremendous emphasis on security in our product while, at the same time, making it incredibly simple and easy to use.

Our product is incredibly versatile allowing you to operate how you want within a framework engineered around security and simplicity.  Whether you’re looking for a tool to help achieve key areas of compliance or trying to eliminate cumbersome processes, we understand what you’re going through.

You have a business to run.  Let us show you how we can make the collection of payment information one less thing you have to worry about.

Our approach

We approach the pricing and development of our product with customers in mind.  Like you, we are always looking for ways to keep our costs predictable and reasonable.  That’s why we price CeloPay at a flat-rate, predictable fee that includes unlimited users and unlimited requests.  When there are extra fees for optional features, we are transparent about that so you know how to budget effectively.

We also develop CeloPay with your guidance and feedback.  In fact, nearly 90% of all enhancements are the result of direct customer requests.  Your opinion is important to us and we continually and rapidly release new versions to meet your needs.

In short, we respect your budget and your opinion.  Your relationship with us will be a true partnership.

Where Security Meets Convenience

Our goal has always been to deliver a simple, secure and convenient solution to our customers.  We go to great lengths to extend world-class functionality while keeping things easy for you.


Entirely web-based SaaS application that requires no hosting or maintenance by your company.

No Limits

Our fees include unlimited requests, unlimited users and continual upgrades making your costs predictable.


A flexible application that can be adapted to your processes and requirements.  Custom colors, user-defined fields and more.


Built from the ground-up with security and PCI compliance in mind, the protection of your data is our primary focus.

Want to see more?  We’d love to show you!

We would love the opportunity to provide you with a demonstration of CeloPay.  It only takes 30 minutes for us to show you how quickly and easily you can revolutionize the collection of payment information within your organization.

What Our Clients Say

"We used to require guests to fax third-party billing forms and they always complained that the process was inconvenient and time consuming. Now we have a remarkably easy way to request this information. Our guests and employees love it!"

− C. Markham, Hospitality Client

"Wow - what a difference CeloPay has made in our operation. Our customers appreciate a convenient way to send their credit card data and the ability for us to securely store it is priceless. This product has transformed our operation."

− J. Collins, Collection Agency Client

"Compliance is a huge consideration for us and CeloPay helped us to maintain that compliance while offering a convenient method for collecting payment information from our guests. Now we can make things easy for our guests and stay compliant at the same time."

− D. Matthews, Hospitality Client