Purpose-built for travel agents.

Are you completing countless third party authorization forms for hotels?  Is your travel agency worried about storing payment data in a compliant manner?  Tired of trying to read hand written forms sent via fax?  We understand how challenging it can be to collect and share payment information in a secure way that’s also simple to use.

CeloPay Envoy replaces dated paper processes and risky storage practices with a streamlined, web-based method for collecting, storing and sharing your client’s payment card information.  Not only is our solution simple and convenient, but it helps you address security and compliance concerns at the same time.

With powerful features and unlimited usage, CeloPay Envoy will revolutionize the way you collect, store, process and share payment information.


Solution Overview

The Challenge

Consumers are becoming more and more sensitive over the transmission of their card card information.  As a travel agency with access to thousands of payment records, you’re facing strict compliance requirements and constant demands for efficiency.  In addition, you spend valuable time completing countless third party forms for hotels on behalf of your clients.  These challenges make it difficult to be efficient, compliant and safe for consumers.

The Solution

CeloPay Envoy is an entirely web-based solution that helps you to easily and securely manage payment card information.  With our global network of millions of hotels, sharing payment data is as simple as a few clicks.  A simple experience and a robust, secure infrastructure makes CeloPay the best way to optimize your travel agency and reduce your PCI compliance scope.

Our global network at your fingertips.

Collect and Store Cardholder Data

Use our simple process to quickly and easily gather payment card information from your clients.  Once the data is stored in our system, it is protected using the highest standards in security and compliance.  You remain in complete control with features like automated archiving, expiration warnings and even transaction capability.

Our solution puts an end to having your clients fax or email payment information or, worse yet, storing that information in a notepad or document.

Securely Share Data

With CeloPay Secure Share seamless integrated to our platform, it couldn’t be easier to easily share cardholder data with a hotel of your choice.  Our global network consists of millions of hotels and you even have the ability to add your own.  You always remain in control of what is shared and the limits around that sharing.

Best of all, you can do it anytime, anywhere and from any device.  Our platform works with you – not against you.

Powerful, yet refined.

Our products are full of unique features designed to provide flexibility, simplicity and enhanced security.  We are proud to list just a few of the CeloPay Envoy features for you here.

We also continually enhance all CeloPay products through a rapid development and release process.  In fact, nearly 90% of our feature enhancements are the result of direct customer requests.

Our level of refinement, along with our dedication and drive to continually improve, empowers you to streamline your business and delight your clients.

  • Securely collect and store cardholder data
  • Send payment data to partners in our global network (or add your own)
  • Optional capability to charge credit cards
  • Advanced card validation with comprehensive risk analysis
  • GDPR compliant solution
  • Built by a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider
  • Offered in 12 languages
  • Simple, affordable pricing
  • …and so much more!

Reduce your PCI scope with our platform.

Security and Compliance

Not only is CeloPay Envoy a smart new way for travel agents to handle cardholder data, but it is also designed from the ground-up with security and compliance in mind.

With features like vault storage, card retention policies and secure data sharing, we’ve made security a focal point of the product.  If you’re looking to make your card handling process more efficient and streamline security and compliance, we’d love to show you more.


Want to see more?

There’s only so much we can communicate here but there’s still so much more to tell you.  We would love the opportunity to provide you with a demonstration.

During our demonstration, we’ll cover the entire process of collecting, storing and sending payment card information.  We will also discuss the flexibility and advanced security features that are part of CeloPay Envoy.  We look forward to spending some time with you!