Goodbye fax.  Goodbye email.
Hello CeloPay.

Are you still collecting payment information or third party authorizations from your clients using paper forms?  Getting complaints from clients that they don’t have access to a fax machine?  Worried about the security of emailing credit card information?  If so, we have a solution for you.

CeloPay replaces cumbersome and dated paper processes with a streamlined, web-based method for collecting payment information.  Not only is our solution simple and convenient, but it helps you address security and compliance concerns at the same time.


Solution Overview

The Challenge

Consumers are becoming more and more sensitive over the transmission of their credit card information.  Businesses are faced with strict compliance requirements and constant demands for efficiency.  Together, these challenges make it difficult to securely exchange, store and process payment information in a way that makes consumers comfortable and businesses compliant.

The Solution

CeloPay is an entirely web-based SaaS solution that facilitates the submission, storage and processing of payment information in a convenient, secure and compliant method.  It replaces insecure and dated alternatives like fax and email.  A simple experience and a robust, secure infrastructure makes CeloPay the best way to collect payment information from your clients.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

A simple three-step process is all it takes to collect billing
information from your clients:

payment information step one

Step 1: Generate a Request

Your employees log into their secure CeloPay site and generate a billing information request to the client.

Step 2: Client Fulfills Request

The client receives an email with a link to a secure page where they enter their billing details and agree to charges.

payment information step 2
payment information step three

Step 3: Process The Request

The employee that generated the request is notified of its completion and can securely retrieve the billing details or even process a payment.

Revolutionize the way you collect payment information.

Security and Compliance

Not only is CeloPay a revolutionary new way to collect payment information, but it is also designed from the ground-up with security and compliance in mind.

With features like tokenization, two-factor authentication, card retention policies and complete audit logging, we’ve made security a focal point of the product.  If you’re looking to make your payment collection process more efficient and streamline security and compliance, we’d love to show you more.


Want to see more?

There’s only so much we can communicate here but there’s still so much more to tell you.  We would love the opportunity to provide you with a demonstration.

During our demonstration, we’ll cover the entire process of generating a request, fulfilling a request and processing that request.  We will also discuss ways to customize CeloPay and review some of the advanced security features available to you.  We look forward to spending some time with you!


Powerful, yet refined.

Our product is full of unique features designed to provide flexibility, simplicity and enhanced security.  We are proud to list just a few of these features for you here.

We also continually enhance CeloPay through a rapid development and release process.  In fact, nearly 90% of our feature enhancements are the result of direct customer requests.

Our level of refinement, along with our dedication and drive to continually enhance, empowers you to streamline your business and delight your clients.

  • Personalized billing requests sent via email
  • Email notifications for completed requests
  • Archive billing requests for future reference
  • Quickly search all billing requests
  • Complete email tracking and history
  • E-Signature submission from billing contact
  • Dashboard view of billing requests
  • Support for multiple offices/locations
  • Send billing request reminders
  • Customizable logos and color scheme
  • Customizable credit card and charge types
  • Optional real-time card verification
  • Optional payment authorization or processing
  • Advanced security and permission controls
  • Multiple domain name options
  • …and so much more!